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Sevcan Market Personel İlanı

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Sevcan Market Personel İlanı

Oh, wait. I do. I’d like to thank the academy, my agent, and most of all, my operating system, Windows Vista, for everything it. System error. I never should have taken that accent elimination class from Jackie Chan. And so, as we obliterize this star, let us remember those immortal words once spoken by a great man, moi. And I quote, All good things must come to an end, preferably in a humongous explosion.

Aren’t you getting this? A vessel is attempting to break the security cordon around Vergon 6. I’m anticipating a tactical dogfight, followed by a light dinner. Ravioli, ham, sundae bar. Hey, look! Zapp Brannigan’s ship. Wow! The Zapp Brannigan? Who’s the Zapp Brannigan? Shall I fire on them now, sir? In the game of chess, never let your adversary see your pieces. Zapp Brannigan alone saved the Octillion System… from rampaging Killbots. A grim day for robot-kind. But we can build more Killbots! He’s the most decorated captain in the Order of Planets.